“Building powerful performances through body awareness”.

Integrative Strength Coach

Sport is a tool to test the limits of the human body and mind. Efficient and consistent movement patterns are equal parts physical and mental. Proper strength training coupled with a rigorous mindfulness practice are critical to powerful and consistent performance.


Meet Morghan.

Morghan discovered the sport of weightlifting in 2012 and four years later she found herself on the Olympic stage. As a lifelong multi-sport athlete, Morghan relied on her experience as a soccer player, endurance runner, triathlete and CrossFit competitor to guide her Olympic journey.

Her diverse background and curiosity led her to seek alternative means of maximizing her potential off the platform including breathwork and yoga. 

The benefits of integrating yoga as a recovery tool to training are widely understood, yet less spoken about in the strength and conditioning world. Morghan built upon these principles to enhance the connection between her mind and body – unlocking a powerful set of skills to train, compete, and effectively navigate the ups and downs of a professional athlete.

 With Morghan as your coach you will receive an individualized strength and mindset program to integrate into your training and help you learn the tools and methods that have helped her become an Olympian.

Whether you are looking to work with Morghan in person or online there are options for you.

Services include:

Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning Programming

Individualized programs are designed to guide and assist you along your journey. This program will elevate your sport, allow your body to recover in a safe and manageable way while navigating life.

Competition Prep

Need some to iron out the fine details in your performance? Morghan has studied and learned under some of the world's greatest coaches, doctors and psychologists. Morghan uses these methods by connecting with visualization and tactile cues to help you perform at your highest level.

Yoga and Breathwork Practices

Integrate your body’s own innate ability to self regulate and heal with this monthly program.

These will provide you with body awareness techniques in to your life and sport that will help transform your ability to perform.

Hiring a coach can be a big commitment, but your health and well-being is worth it. Whether you consider yourself a top athlete or a human who works out with a big curiosity for life, this is the space for you.

Grateful to share and connect more about how we can work together.

Let's explore your goals and the best way to achieve them together.