We help athletes pursue peak performance and longevity by integrating mindset and breathwork techniques through yoga.


Meet Morghan:

Morghan discovered the sport of weightlifting in 2012 and less than four years later she found herself on the Olympic stage. As a lifelong multi-sport athlete, Morghan relied on her experience as a soccer player, endurance runner and CrossFit competitor to guide her Olympic journey. Her obsession with maximizing her athletic potential led her to yoga. 

The benefits of yoga as a physical supplement to training are widely understood. Morghan built upon these principles to enhance the connection between her mind and body – unlocking a powerful set of skills to train, compete, and effectively navigate the ups and downs of a professional athlete. 

Yoga taught in this way is able to integrate concepts found in sports psychology with physical discipline to help athletes realize their full potential. Focusing inward and developing a positive dialogue with oneself is a critical piece on the path to powerful and consistent performance. 


The Body Is More Than A Machine  

With Morghan King as your one on one coach, this program will help you take learn the tools and methods that have helped her become an Olympian.

Who It Helps:  

Sport is a tool that allows one to better know the limits of the human body. We not only need to learn how to move the body in an efficient way, we also need to train our minds to coincide with the movement pattern. If you are looking to take the next step to enhance not only your performance but your everyday life this program is for you.

What We Offer:  

1:1 Mindset Coaching

What You Will Get:

We work specifically with you and your needs to perform at the highest level.

  • Competition Mindset Prep
  • Mindfulness and Breathwork Practices
  • Tangible Sport Performance Techniques

This Is More Than Sport

We are more than just athletes. Using sport to create awareness and consciousness in the world will allow you to take these tools with you for the rest of your life.

"There is great elegance in starting out from simple ideas, slowly building them up into connected patterns, and having a complex, interlocking theoretical structure emerge at the end."

"Morghan has been a big inspiration and mentor for me throughout my athletic career. In 2019, we were both in contingency for a spot on the 2020 Olympic team. As close teammates and fierce competitors, we were able to remain good friends and even better cheerleaders for one another. Morghan taught me what true sportsmanship looks like even during the stickiest of times. She taught me how to chase greatness without losing myself. She supported me as an athlete by imparting her wisdom related to the foundation of movement, mindset work, and recovery methods. More importantly, Morghan is an advocate of ‘human first, athlete second’ and she helped me use sport as a tool rather than an identity. I will forever cherish the lessons and values I learned from her."

Jourdan Delacruz, 2020 Olympian


Morghan King

Morghan, founder of KINGMORGHAN, is a 2016 Olympian in the discipline of weightlifting for Team USA. She found the sport in 2012 when she was 26, and had a pretty quick rise to the top. While she rose to such a high level in a short period of time, she can attest that her entire life she had been searching for the sport level of a peak experience. She just didn't know in what. Like David Epstein's book Range, she accounts for many years of countless sports to allow her to have the skills to become and elite weightlifter.

Since she was in high school, she has practiced yoga and studied mindful practices. It wasn't until 2014 that she knew that if she didn't hone in on her relationship to stress that the next couple years were going to be hard. In the last decade she have spent hours studying sport psychology books, yoga, breathwork, while having the pleasure of working with some of worlds best coaches, PT's and Sports Doctors. Creating a conversation between her mind and body has become her passion. Sport is a gateway to knowing the self.


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