This is What Olympic Weightlifter Morghan King Eats In A Day

"You can find ways to eat burgers and pizzas that fit your lifestyle," King says. Her go-to pizza joint is a Seattle restaurant called Bambinos, where visitors can make their own pizza. "Mine ends up being a massive meat and vegetable salad on a pizza crust," she says. King also revealed that she craves a burger and sweet potato fries after a long workout—yum.

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For U.S. weightlifter Morghan King, being small is her biggest asset

King is one of the strongest women in the United States. She’s able to hoist 100.0kg (220 lbs) in the clean and jerk, one of two Olympic lifts. (The “clean and jerk” lifts see athletes bring the weights to their breastplates, then overhead; the other Olympic lift, the “snatch”, sees the lifter hoist the weight from the ground to overhead in a single, clean motion. Together, these two lifts form a cumulative “total,” which determines rankings.) Her personal snatch record is 85.0kg (187 lbs), and her best performance total is 185.0kg (407 lbs), which she achieved at this year’s Pan Am Championships.

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